Yoga Flow

It combines classical asanas with elements from Pilates, physiotherapy, Feldenkrais and dance. With relaxed music and pleasant rhythm, the body gets warm, stretches and strengthens with grace.

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Afroditi Verou

Pilates Instructor Afroditi first came into contact with Pilates and Yoga at the age of 18, participating in the Body Theater group of Actresses by Vasilis Lagos and Angelos Lyra. He is a graduate of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. During her studies she attended Pilates mat – equipment training, Pilates athletic training by The Pilates Coach in collaboration with the North Academy of Fitness with professors Hope Elsa and Lelsee Bender. In the following year (2007), he worked at the North Academy of Fitness coaching school as an assistant to the Pilates Teacher Training of Hope Chinchiga. In 2008 he was trained in Robert Steinbacher’s “BodyART” system, which links elements from Yoga, physiotherapy, Japanese Do In and Tai Chi. In 2009, she attended Peak Pilates seminars on Reformer, Cadillac and Chair as well as Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates with trainer Tonia Gunitsiotti and Lee Morgan. Her love of rehabilitation and treatment made her stay out of classical methods of Western medicine and in 2009 she graduated from the two-year Department of Reflexology of Natural Health Science, attended the On-site Massachusetts Hemachazis I seminar by Peter Hess Academy and the following year started Shiatsu training at the same school. Hatha Yoga Education from Studio One with teachers Gianna Katsagiorgi, Jaganath Hardy, Marcel Kraushaar, Ashtanga Yoga. After this training, she followed Rena Papantoniou’s teacher in her daily classes, where she practices her Ashtanga Yoga practice to this day. Training at Crossfit Level I trainer at Crossfit International & Mobility Crossfit Trainer of the same organization. She has been the primary lecturer of the North Academy of Fitness since 2010. From 2010 to 2013 he collaborated with Nike Hellas as Nike Elite Trainer and in the framework of the program We run Athens taught Yoga to runners. From 2012 until 2014 she was a key member of the FitnessArt team and was working on the FitnessArt Crossfit Box as a Mobility Trainer and Yoga Instructor, studying the effects of Yoga practice on athletes. He is an external collaborator of Socrati Eliades’ model Physiomedica Rehabilitation Center.

Yoga & Pilates

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