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These bath rituals are excellent for relieving stress, relaxing muscles, releasing toxins, and improving circulation. Wrap yourself in fresh towels, enjoy a hot green tea, and purify your mind along with your body. An excellent warm-up before any massage or body treatment. Do not remain in any one area for more than 15 minutes. Rinse off with cold water before and after, drink plenty of water, and rest whenever you feel light- headed. Not recommended for those suffering from high blood pressure, severe varicose veins, diabetes, or pregnant women. Unlimited use throughout the day. The swimming pool is closed during the winter months.

If you are a party of 4 people or more, please book an appointment for the Wet Lounge with our reception. For 1-2 persons, please inform us 30′ prior to your visit to ensure that the sauna and steam room have reached desired temperatures.

1 Visit/25€ for 2 hours every extra hour is 10€ extra
1 Month unlimited use (120€)
5 Visit Pass (100€) duration 6 months, 10 Visit Pass (180€) duration 12 months
With every treatment the hot baths are 10€  extra 1 hour before your treatment.

With every treatment over 100€ , the hot baths are free of charge. Please be sure to inform the receptionist if you intend to use the baths before your treatments so we can ensure a spot for you.


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