Pilates Equipment

Personal Training or two-person lessons in the classic Pilates Reformers & Towers. Enhance the exercises by accelerating the results. Strictly controlled exercises, under the supervision of a qualified teacher, aim at systematic strengthening, lining, elasticity and alignment of the spine. The lesson is ideal for both beginners and advanced learners, but also for people with injuries, muscular injuries and musculoskeletal problems.

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Dimitris Fragos

Dimitris graduated from the University of Thessaly, Department of Physical Education and Sport with specialization in indoor space and Sport Management. The alternative forms of exercise, combined with an injury he had, were the inspiration for his fitness development, he has been working professionally with Pilates since 2009 and renews his ideas constantly with workshops that he regularly participates in. He has worked with sports camps, fitness clubs, pilates studios and also has been a Fitness Coordinator in a hotel chain. It stands out for the variety and explanatory teaching of the exercises as well as for the flow of the lesson.

Yoga & Pilates

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