Forrest Yoga

It is the evolution of Hatha Yoga, addressed to modern man, with today’s everyday habits, and offers a complete solution to physical exercise pursuits alongside deeper and inner, mental and spiritual needs. Ana Forrest created the Forrest Yoga system with passion to clear emotional and psychic blocking, freeing the body to wake up all its senses. Different techniques of breathing in each lesson, deep breathing (Ujjayi), activated legs and arms, proper alignment, length of stay at each posture, and the creation of strong abdomen are the basic features of a Forrest Yoga class. Suitable for ALL for people of all ages and any physical condition.

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Victoria Kourkaki began yoga practice in 2008. Instantly this form of exercise, physical and mental, touched her deeply. He knows Forrest Yoga in 2010, so he falls in love with this system and the way it brings you into contact with your body and yourself. In 2012 he goes to America where he is trained in one of the world’s most demanding programs next to Ana Forrest, an inspiring and founding member of the system. Forrest Yoga revealed her passion for teaching. It is the tool to discover your strengths, your weaknesses and your gifts. In 2014-2015 she returns to America, where she continues her education with the Forrest Yoga Mentorship Program to go deeper into her practice and advance her teaching. Upon completion of this program, she completes her studies in this system so she can follow Ana Forrest herself as her assistant. She has in her every lesson the values ​​of Forrest Yoga: Breathing, Strength, Integrity and Spirit. Always remember the words of Ana Forrest: “Teach your very generous and warm heart.”

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