Hatha Yoga

A series of exercises that strengthens and lengthens the muscles. You know the benefits of proper breathing, learn to relax physically and spiritually, and gain concentration, discipline and a more positive view of yourself and the world around you.

Pre-Natal Yoga

If you have a pregnancy during Yoga, it is a good idea to continue with your practice. With the agreement of your doctor, Yoga will continue to strengthen you, balance you and relax you. Maria Stylianaki is a Certified Prenatal Yoga Instructor and we suggest that you follow her Hatha lesson if you have informed her of your pregnancy stage.

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Maria Stilianaki

In 1999 her teacher Robert Najemy introduced Maria to the marvelous world of yoga. She became a teacher in 2001. Her passion for learning and her desire to help her students who came to yoga with various injuries led her to seek more knowledge about proper body alignment and healing yoga. She attended seminars with senior Iyengar teachers and in April 2008 she attended her first Anusara Yoga Seminar with Desiree Rumbaugh, which was crucial for her subsequent career. Since then she has been attending workshops and teacher trainings in Greece and abroad with countless excellent teachers. He was also taught by the founder of the Anusara system, John Friend, and by the tutor of Tantric philosophy, Dr. Douglas Brooks and prenatal Yoga with Sue Elkind. She has also been a founding member of the Yoga Association of Greece and has taught for 3 years at yoga school “Hatha Yoga & Budo Academy.” For Mary yoga is an exciting journey to the Self, a tool of inner transformation and self-realization. Maria has been teaching at Cocoon since 2002.

Yoga & Pilates

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