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Pilates Mat Class                          
This popular form of exercise was created by Joseph Pilates as a means of exercising correctly and effectively in a minimal amount of time. When exercises are done with precision and proper breathing, far less repetitions are necessary, and no injury is incurred upon the body. In fact, these exercises have proven to be therapeutic to millions of people suffering from joint injuries and spinal column pains. For decades Pilates was a secret of dancers--strengthening their core, elongating, firming and stretching their limbs, and protecting their overused bodies. Now it is available and beneficial to all. 


Power Pilates
While applying the philosophy of Pilates, we raise the pace a bit to exercise dynamically and effectively. A fun class that is open to anyone.


Pilates Toys  
Your instructor will employ elastic bands, small and large physio balls, as well as Pilates rings and rollers. With Pilates Toys, you'll not only see better results, fitness will feel more like "playtime."                                                                                              


Pilates Equipment 
Personal training or semi-private sessions on classic Pilates Reformers and Towers heightens the experience and doubles the results. Perfect for absolute beginners, very advanced students looking for a challenge and for post-trauma rehabilitation.


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