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Spa Treatments - Body and Soul

Sauna, Steam Room, Jacuzzi, Pool Duration : 3 ώρες

These bath rituals are excellent for relieving stress, relaxing muscles, releasing toxins, and improving circulation. Wrap yourself in fresh towels, enjoy a hot green tea, and purify your mind along with your body. An excellent warm-up before any massage or body treatment. Do not remain in any one area for more than 15 minutes. Rinse off with cold water before and after, drink plenty of water, and rest whenever you feel light- headed. Not recommended for those suffering from high blood pressure, severe varicose veins, diabetes, or pregnant women. Unlimited use throughout the day. The swimming pool is closed during the winter months.

If you are a party of 4 people or more, please book an appointment for the Wet Lounge with our reception. For 1-2 persons, please inform us 30' prior to your visit to ensure that the sauna and steam room have reached desired temperatures.

Month        75€

3 Months 185€

8 Visits    115€

Anti-Stress, soothes body and soul.Relieves sore, painful muscles.Detoxifies, stimulates lymphatic system, cleans pores.Price: 20€

Moroccan Rose Duration : 1.50'

This Moroccan-inspired beauty ritual begins with a gentle semolina grain and rose petal body scrub. It continues with a face and body mask made from detoxifying white clay, smoothing papaya and hydrating aloe. We complete the treatment with a luxurious head-to-toe flower oil body massage.

Anti-Stress, soothes body and soul.Ideal as a GiftPrice: 120€
Hatsumomo Duration : 120'
Price: 120€

Spice Market Hammam Duration : 2.00'

This sensual journey will take you back to the hidden streets of an Oriental bazaar, where the heady smell of spices overflows into the crowd, blending with the scents of amber, musk and fig. Some where in there you'll encounter the Hammam, a place where women go to cleanse their skin in the steam and the flowing water and then to annoint it with precious oils.
Our ritual begins with a deep scrub in the steam room. You will apply savon noir and then follow it with a peeling with a rough kessa mitt. We will take you to another room where we will apply rassoul clay from the Atlas mountains to your entire body, and a royal jelly mask to your face. After a shower, you'll enjoy a full body massage with karite butter mixed with rose, pomegranate and sandalwood.

Price: 120€

Shirodhara Duration : 1.30'

This unique treatment is based on the most powerful of all the ancient Ayurveda healing techniques. Cloaked in warm blankets, you will experience the inexpressible relief of the Shirodhara ritual: a steady stream of warm oil is gently poured onto the third eye in the center of the forehead, creating a deeply meditative and profoundly relaxing state. Just before you enter nirvana, your entire body is massaged with healing oils of sandalwood, cardamom, and orange. Highly recommended to those suffering from chronic headache, insomnia, and severe stress.

Anti-Stress, soothes body and soul.Price: 90€

Sugar Fix Duration : 90'



After we scrub you down with brown sugar, cinnamon and almond oil, we'll smother you in a rich chocolate mud mask (Austrian Moor mud with a generous dose of cocoa). While you're baking in a warm cocoon, indulge in a face and head massage. After a shower, we add more bliss with a relaxing head to toe massage. Austrian Moor Mud contains over 1,000 known herbs and minerals. Allow traces of the precious compound to remain on the skin for the next few hours. The results are highly therapeutic to skin, muscles, and joints.


Anti-Stress, soothes body and soul.Relieves sore, painful muscles.Detoxifies, stimulates lymphatic system, cleans pores.Ideal as a GiftPrice: 90€

Thai Salt Glow Duration : 40'

Peeling based on an exotic combination of sea salts and detoxifying essential oils of lime and basil. The dead cells are removed to reveal fresh and healthy skin. Finally, a rich moisturizing cream gives your skin extremely smooth texture and silky softness.

With extra relaxing half hour massage 75€

Detoxifies, stimulates lymphatic system, cleans pores.Price: 45€

Oriental Hammam Duration : 30'

An authentic Moroccan experience in our very own marble steam room. After being covered in savon noir (natural soap from black olives), you'll be scrubbed mercilessly with a kessa glove until all dead cells have surrendered. Afterwards, recuperate by the jacuzzi in your bathrobe with a hot mint tea.

Price: 40€

Duration : 60'

Your favorite massage returns to the cocoon! Linnae pills filled with grated coconut are heated in steam and placed on the body in combination with rich coconut oil and relaxing massage. The coconut smoothes and softens the skin while your body travels to nirvana.

Anti-Stress, soothes body and soul.Detoxifies, stimulates lymphatic system, cleans pores.Ideal as a GiftPrice: 65 (προσφορά)€

Duration : 45'

Earn fresh, fresh skin with a strong salt peeling, rich coconut oil, lime and freshly ground ginger.

Add 30 'Relaxing Massage (+ 35 €)

Price: 35€

Definition Duration : 1.10'

The program that will help you re-bring your body! This effective method uses exclusively natural products and handcuffs to stimulate metabolism and reduce local thickness and cellulite. The texture of the skin improves and the fluid retention is eliminated. As a supplement to a weight loss program, we recommend 8 to 12 sessions.

Price: 75€

Key to Symbols

These symbols can help you choose the best treatment for your current needs.

Anti-Stress, soothes body and soul. Anti-Stress, soothes body and soul.
Relieves sore, painful muscles. Relieves sore, painful muscles.
Detoxifies, stimulates lymphatic system, cleans pores. Detoxifies, stimulates lymphatic system, cleans pores.
Ideal as a Gift Ideal as a Gift
A unique and memorable gift for every special person in your life. Cocoon gift certificates are available for all of our wellness products, classes and spa services.


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