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Spa Treatments - Face

Enhanced Retinol Facials Duration : 60-75'
Detoxifies, stimulates lymphatic system, cleans pores.Ideal as a GiftPrice: 75-95€

Hydra force Duration : 50'

The most powerfull hydration for extremely dihydrate skin with essential oils, neroli and nectar of flowers

Price: 65€

Herbal Detox Facial Duration : 1.30'

This deep cleansing facial uses only Jurlique's 100% pure, ecologically sound formulas.

Experience skincare that reawakens your skin's natural potential to protect, eliminate, and heal itself. This deep cleansing facial includes steaming, herbal compresses  gentle extractions, nourishing botanical masks,lymphatic massage, and layers upon layers of potent herbal potions. An ideal treatment for smokers and skin frequently exposed to pollution.

Detoxifies, stimulates lymphatic system, cleans pores.Ideal as a GiftPrice: 75€

Cocoon Facial Duration : 1,30'

A full facial and body care. This treatment brings together the benefits of aromatherapy and phytotherapy to give you inner tranquility and exterior glow. We begin with dry brushing throughout the body that prepares the skin for a coating with a rich cupuacu butter balm, camellia and hazelnut oil. Your body relaxes while your face enjoys a full refreshing treatment with two moisturizing masks.

-with a deep cleaning of 90 €.

Price: 80€

Vitamin C Duration : 60

A strong dose of Vitamin C can reduce the signs of aging that cause environmental factors and protect the skin from photoaging. This treatment stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, accelerates healing and removes fine lines to reveal skin freshness, freshness and shine.

Price: 65€

Decleor Expert Facials Duration : 55-75'
  • Decleor Deep Cleanse 70€
    A deep cleansing facial consisting of a steam bath, extractions, a hydrating mask and deep facial massage using Decleor's natural essential oil-drenched concoctions.
  • Hydra Force 65€
    Our most intensely hydrating facial for dull, dehydrated skins. 

Aesthetic Acupuncture Duration : 60'

Acupuncture is used in aesthetics to stimulate and revitalize the skin to provide a healthy, youthful glow to the face and reduce the signs of aging.

This achieves this through the activation of all internal body systems as any internal imbalance will affect the face and skin.

Aesthetic acupuncture is a holistic treatment that approaches the subject of external beauty as a result of internal health. It is a natural treatment and has no side effects and complications.

Price: 65€

Ιntense Eye Repair Duration : 40'

This intensive eye treatment includes gentle cleansing, serum and eye mask, special massage techniques and 15 active ingredients to soothe swellings, reduce fine lines, restore youthfulness and glow to your eyes.

For longer-term results, select the Intense Eye Repair Package at a preferential cost (6 sessions = 220 €)

Price: 45€

Rejuvance Duration : 60'

All the benefits of botox without the needles or the toxins! This series of gentle, meticulous massage techniques frees tension beneath the skin's surface giving your face a more relaxed, smoother appearance. With a single visit, this profoundly relaxing treatment will tranform your face into a more youthful, serene, and rested you. With a complete series of 6 visits, fine lines are reduced, and futher wrinkles are prevented.

Anti-Stress, soothes body and soul.Price: 65€

Essential Facial Duration : 45'
This soothing session is guaranteed to reveal a pure, hydrated, glowing complexion in less than an hour. The most appropriate ending to any massage or body treatment.
Anti-Stress, soothes body and soul.Price: 50€

Expert Lift Duration : 55'


The power of nature meets the latest advances in dermatological technology, This unique, freeze-dried formula induces collagen growth stimulation to lift slackened skin fill in fine lines. (Ages 45 and over)

Price: 70€

Key to Symbols

These symbols can help you choose the best treatment for your current needs.

Anti-Stress, soothes body and soul. Anti-Stress, soothes body and soul.
Relieves sore, painful muscles. Relieves sore, painful muscles.
Detoxifies, stimulates lymphatic system, cleans pores. Detoxifies, stimulates lymphatic system, cleans pores.
Ideal as a Gift Ideal as a Gift
A unique and memorable gift for every special person in your life. Cocoon gift certificates are available for all of our wellness products, classes and spa services.


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